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This page was created to explain my idea for an Avatar(The Last Airbender) MMORPG style game. I'm hoping with this page the idea will spread and reach a major gaming company and the game will be made.

Please leave comments and whatever else to help the idea grow and become something more than just an idea.

Avatar: The Next LegendEdit

Platform: PC, Xbox One; Playstation 4

Developer: ?

Rating: T for Teen

Graphics: Amazing


The story behind The Next Legend is a post Aang world. It has been decades and there hasn't been a new avatar to emerge. You, if you chose a bending class, are the avatar but are unaware at first. You go through the world just another bender honing their skills but you begin to learn new skills and reach new levels. You begin to piece together the clues that you are the avatar. You then must master all four elements to save the world from various threats. If you chose to be a Warrior, you don't have any bending abilities and you are not the avatar, but share the same goal. You would be a master swordsman and master of martial arts. As people discover your the avatar and the news spreads, you will be honored and needed by some and hated and feared by others. Throuought the game you will embark on many different adventures some good, some evil, some easy, some difficult, all fun.


The game would start out with you choosing a class. Classes would be, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Warrior. You would then create your character, appearance and other characteristics. Depending on which class you chose you would then be given the option of which tribe or nation you would start at. The world of Avatar: The Next Legend would be huge. Forests, Islands, Cities, Villages, Skies, Mountains, etc. It would be very similar to the world created in the Nick cartoon. You, from a third person perspective, would be able to travel through the world learning and honing your skills. As you progress and depending on where you choose to go in the world, you will begin to learn new elements. When at a village, city, or any social location, you will be able to interact with locals, purchase food, clothing, weapons, etc. You will also be able to train in dojos or with other benders or warriors. As you reach new levels and ranks you will earn better armor, weapons, skills, etc. At any time a village could come under attack by rival nations or even other players. You could either defend the village, ignore it or join the devastation if the attackers allow you. The game will allow player on player combat at any time. The combat style would be from a third person perspective but with actual actions like a first person shooter or something similar (hard to explain, easy to understand). As a bender, at anytme you can bend anything you have the ability to. As a Warrior you will learn and become a master swordsman and master of martial ats. You would have opportunities like becoming a Kyoshi warrior. You would build your own sword once you've reached a certain level and rank. As a bender, you would eventually reach the level of avatar where you would be able to use and control the "Avatar Mode". Your actions throughout the game will make you who you are. You could become a leader of a tribe or a nation. Good or Bad. As a bad fire lord, you would have the ability to command fire armies to attack rival tribes and nations. If you chose to do this though you may wind up in hiding with a bad reputation after being defeated by a group of earth benders or any other group of players who is against what your doing. On the other hand, you could be a peaceful leader of a nation and help the world to share peace. You would be able to join together with other players to create groups of heroes or villains. When commanding armies, it wouldn't be like your commanding other players. You would be commanding computer generated soldiers. When commanding soldiers it would almost be like an RTS but without the camera being over the top and alot smaller armies.

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